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Deutsch Drahthaar Puppy, male

Deutsch Drahthaar Puppy, male

brown, 12 weeks old

Deutsch Drahthaar, male

Deutsch Drahthaar, male

VJP, HZP, VGP, HN, HD-ED-OCD free, vWillebrand free


With 6 years experience, I have created an environment which allows me to place successfully hounds worldwide. My agency is not for the mass but for ambitious hunters, for people who appreciate my work and my commitment to give a full trained hunting dog or a long desired puppy in first-class hands. Only dogs with a pedigree of the respective Association and valid international vaccinations according to the veterinary regulations of the destination country are placed by me. On request, your new hunting companion will be brought personally to your home to any destination worldwide. Please contact me for any further information.

It is very important to me the gundogs on this website have received top level training and care, which will be reflected in the German exam results. To ensure the quality of the trained dogs and their working ability in the field and water (under real hunting conditions) we only aquire pups and dogs from the top trainers and kennels in Germany. The dogs shown on this website are located in Germany, they were breeded and trained in Germany and they are living all with their owner's or breeder. I offer the dogs by order of the owner's/ breeder. To protect their data and personal information, their address details will not be disclosed. For more information on each dog please contact me.

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The Hound is the most reliable companion of humans in forests and fields. It's not always possible for everyone to train their own gundog. This online platform is for hunting dogs of different breeds at different stages of training and ability for you. Get yourself a fully trained gundog and start hunting.

If you want to buy a puppy and there is no time for training, I also work with a profesional hunting school together who offers workshops, training holidays and a boarding school for hunting dogs.




Searching the right puppy overseas is hard work. You want a puppy from germany, a special breed, a special color or a special breeder? You dont want to be stressed out with all the paperwork?

You are in good and professional hands.




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